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It’s probably true to say that the majority of IT consultants would advise companies to use Microsoft Solutions for their office because they are the “De facto Standard”.

If you can afford to use Microsoft for your office then that is probably good advice. There are plans with Microsoft that allow licensing flexibility and some price break, but many small businesses are not ready to spend that sort of money, especially when they are being told they need to invest in new hardware.

So what are the alternative IT Solutions?

  • Ongoing monthly payments for Cloud Solutions
  • Cheaper proven technology that is Microsoft Compatible
  • Continue to struggle and lose productivity

On this site we aim to debunk the mumbo jumbo that some consultants may attempt to baffle you with and provide you with the very best solution for YOU – not us!









Our focus is on the clients needs and we choose to deliver quality.


The right price for you is more important than the right profit margin for us! Why? Because if we do our job right you will come to us, stay with us and rely on our help and support. We would rather keep customers than spend time and money finding new ones with aggresive marketing.




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Working smart not hard should be the watchword of every business manager. Leverage other peoples expertise against time and you will find that you can get much more done in your working day. Some of the best business people in the UK do exactly that, Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Peter Jones all surround themselves with people who know what to do with the ideas, they just provide the business knowledge and financial know how which is what they are good at.

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